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Kalgoorlie-Boulder Urban Landcare Group: celebrate 49 years of community-driven environmental regeneration

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Urban Landcare Group (KBULG) is proof that bucket loads of positive environmental change can take place at the community level!

Based in WA’s Goldfields Region, KBULG was one of the first urban landcare groups operating in an arid area, and next year they will be celebrating 50 years of community action. In the lead up to National Tree Day 2022, we’re shining a light on this incredible group to provide some inspiration to get you out and about in nature on Sunday 31st July.

Led by CEO Kim Eckert, KBULG has done a lot of work over the years to regenerate their local environment. The group places a big focus on environmental education and aims to inspire their local community to be environmentally aware and active. In line with this, they operate a native community nursery which includes an Eco & Cultural Education Centre.

KBULG have hosted Tree Day plantings within their local community since 1994 – what an amazing effort! On top of this, they are involved in lots of other cool community projects, which you can check out here.

Each National Tree Day, KBULG’s dedicated team and volunteers plant between 3,000 and 5,000 seedlings, and this National Tree Day is no exception! On Sunday 31st July, they’ll be planting 4,000 native shrubs along Gribble Creek in Kalgoorlie, with the aim of creating a biodiversity corridor for local wildlife. Like all good community events, they’ll finish the day with a BBQ to thank their wonderful volunteers.

If you live in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder area and would like to dig in and get involved in KBULG’s planting, you can register to volunteer here. If you’re not from the Kalgoorlie-Boulder area, but have been inspired by KBULG’s story, head on over to our find-a-site page and register to join a National Tree Day planting near you.

Finally, with less than three weeks to go until National Tree Day 2022, we’d like to extend a huge shout out to all our Site Organisers and volunteers across Australia, both past and present – National Tree Day would not be possible without the dedication of our fantastic Tree Day community!

Claire Laws

Claire joined the Planet Ark team in 2021. With a background in Environmental Science and a Masters in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development, Claire is keen to build on her previous work in ecological research and be part of Planet Ark's actions-based approach to environmental protection.