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Planet Ark celebrates 20 years with Toyota Australia for National Tree Day

This year Planet Ark will launch a pilot seedling bank program with the help of National Tree Day sponsor Toyota Australia that aims to give communities around Australia the resources they need to connect with nature and fight the effects of climate change.

This year Planet Ark is celebrating 20 years of partnership with Toyota Australia for National Tree Day. This long-term partnership has seen over 25 million trees planted around Australia by over four million volunteers. This year, we hope to plant another million trees around Australia to fight the effects of climate change and connect local communities to the natural environment around them  One of the biggest challenges National Tree Day and its volunteers face right now is the availability of seedlings to plant. To address this problem Planet Ark along with Toyota Australia has launched a pilot seedling bank program.  Under the program, registered community groups from around the country can receive seedling grants so they can focus on getting boots on the ground to plant them.   “National Tree Day wouldn’t be Australia’s biggest tree-planting and nature care event without Toyota and their dealers’ support, as well as the hard work of volunteers around the country,” said Rebecca Gilling, Planet Ark’s Deputy CEO.  This year is the first trial period for the Seedling Bank Program, with a view to expanding the program from 2020 onwards. In 2019, we will run the seedling bank program as a pilot program with handpicked, state-based beneficiaries whose planting efforts have both environmental and community significance.   To learn more about the seedling bank program and our efforts to plant one million trees visit or call the National Tree Day Hotline on 1300 88 5000. 

Simone Horder

Simone is Planet Ark's National Tree Day Manager