National Tree Day is this weekend! - National Tree Day Blog

National Tree Day is this weekend!

This year Planet Ark celebrates 22 years of National Tree Day by asking, what does nature mean to you?

The 22nd National Tree Day is this weekend!

In the lead up please join us in celebrating Australia's breathtaking natural environment with award-winning photographer and National Tree Day Ambassador, Steve Parish as he presents his 50-year love affair with trees in a stunning online photo collection, It's In Our Nature.

This online exhibition takes you on a journey across our great country, from the heart of our Red Centre, to our lush rainforests. Steve captures the beauty, diversity and true nature of Australia and its people. His photography instills a sense of awe, beauty, hope and reverence for our natural environment. Steve's striking imagery and narrative reflect the power and potential of nature to inspire us and is a tribute to the living giving force within each and everyone of us. It teaches us that connecting with nature helps grow qualities like creativity, collaboration, resilience, vitality and empathy - qualities we all strive for! These findings have been the subject of Planet Ark and Toyota's research over the past couple of years.

Toyota is celebrating their 18th year as the Major Sponsor of Planet Ark's National Tree Day. We'd like to thank Toyota for making National Tree Day possible. Toyota mobilises its entire business network of dealers, staff and brand ambassadors to support Tree Day and assist local schools, councils and groups to take an active part in caring for their local environment.

This year the official National Tree Day site will be in Sydney’s geographical centre with Parramatta City Council at Third Settlement Reserve, Edison Road Winston Hills.

For those in Victoria, please join us with the City of Hobsons Bay and help us green Kororoit Creek, Blackshawa Road, Altona North.

We would love for you to join us at either of these events - if you do, please come and say hi!

If you can't make either of those sites, there are hundreds of community sites taking place across the country. To find a site near you visit the Tree Day website and search via your suburb and postcode. And if you are organising a Tree Day event for your business, please do let us know!

Hear from our very own Debbie Agnew, National Tree Day Manager about the lessons she's learned from trees and the inspiration behind Australia's largest community tree planting and nature-care event.

  • Schools Tree Day, Friday 28 July 2017
  • National Tree Day, Sunday 30 July 2017

We welcome any support businesses can offer to the many amazing volunteers who make the event possible. For more information visit the Tree Day website.

Happy planting!! 

Debbie Agnew

Debbie was Planet Ark's Tree Day Manager from 2012-2017 and had a major impact on the success and direction of Australia's largest nature care event.