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An Artist's Creativity, Inspired by Nature

Take a peek into the world of National Tree Day's new ambassador, creative artist, Orly Faya. She chats to us about inspiration, trees and connecting with nature.

Inspiration – it’s in our nature, is the theme of this year’s National Tree Day campaign. Artist Orly Faya and Tree Day Ambassador conveys this beautifully and creatively in her work. Orly has travelled the globe creating stunning images of people ‘immersed’ in nature through her body art. She feels a deep personal connection with nature and says that “the regular practice of getting outside brings you so much you didn’t realise you were missing”.

Modern lifestyles can leave little time to spend outdoors, so we consciously need to make time and space to connect with it. We are all part of nature – not separate to it and Orly’s creations are a fabulous visual representation and a reminder of this.

Orly speaks about her creativity, inspiration and collaboration with National Tree Day:


What inspired you to create art in nature with a focus on 'merging with nature' body art?

For me the most beautiful thing is nature itself! Nature is the greatest form of Art. Nature includes all the creatures that live on the earth, including us humans. To me, the human form, in all its diversity, is one of the most magnificent pieces of Art. My intention is to highlight the unique expression of a particular moment in time, through combining infinite landscapes with everyday human beings like you and me.

What message do you hope to convey to others about our connection with nature through your work?

I hope that people begin and continue to recognise their own nature through the visual representation of my work. The more we appreciate our interconnectedness, the more we understand our impact upon the world, and the earth’s great contribution to our lives.

Why did you want to get involved in the National Tree Day campaign?

There is nothing I would like more than to use my creativity to make a positive difference in the world. I am passionate about many things but the state of our relationship with the earth is at the top of my list. TREES are one of the most important things for us humans to have reverence for, so I was thrilled to be part of this project.

What is it about trees in that you find inspiring?

I love that trees grow in any which way. I love that their root systems are interconnected with other trees, showing their care for each other. I love that their out-breath is our in-breath! I love that there are so many different types of trees. I love that they are strong and stoic but continue to give ceaselessly. We can learn so much from the trees.

How does art reach people in ways other mediums don't and how can it help change behaviour?

Art is a direct way of communicating a message. What is seen with the eyes is actually recognised inside the brain and deep resonance can occur subconsciously. The power of transformation through art is profound because Art allows us to realise things through our own processes, rather than being told and taught. The education is seamless and instant and allows us the freedom to come to our own conclusions.

Watch Orly’s video collaboration with National Tree Day – What Does Nature Mean to You?
See more of Orly’s work by visiting

Join us on Sunday, July 30 for National Tree Day.




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