Very lost swift parrot released following rehabilitation

A critically endangered swift parrot who took a 600km detour from normal flying routes to Lord Howe Island has been successfully returned to the wild.

July 14, 2020Liam Taylor

Urban green spaces in high demand during coronavirus lockdown

A new survey has found the use of green spaces in Sydney increased dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic as people sought their exercise fix.

July 1, 2020Liam Taylor

More critically endangered wildlife thought wiped out by bushfires emerge

Stories of survival are still cropping up around the country six months on from the summer’s devastating bushfires.

June 24, 2020Laura Chalk

The Nightcap Oak rises from the ashes

The critically endangered Nightcap Oak, Eidothea hardeniana, is showing resilience after the devasting bushfires swept through their last remaining habitat.

June 16, 2020Jennifer McMillan

Volunteers working to restore Sydney’s underwater forests

A group of local volunteers have joined forces with a group of marine scientists in an effort to restore Manly’s once thriving crayweed forests.

June 15, 2020Liam Taylor

Rare cockatoo chicks emerge from burnt bushland on Kangaroo Island

Glossy black-cockatoo chicks hatched last month on Kangaroo Island despite the summer's devastating bushfires, boosting hopes the endangered species can be saved from extinction.

June 3, 2020Liam Taylor

Pakistan government provides green stimulus package for unemployed

The national government of Pakistan has expanded an innovative scheme aiming to reforest the nation to provide work for those unemployed as a result of the coronavirus.

June 3, 2020Liam Taylor

Native grasslands rising from the ashes in bushfire regeneration project

An area of semi-natural bushland in South Australia devastated by the summer’s bushfires following 30 years of careful cultivation is showing the opportunity that can be presented by a blank slate.

May 20, 2020Liam Taylor

Volunteers remain to plant trees and sow seeds despite lockdown

A group of rewilding enthusiasts have undertaken voluntary isolation in order to ensure a tree planting project in the Scottish Highlands would go ahead.

May 13, 2020Liam Taylor

Critically endangered orange-bellied parrot population shows signs of recovery

Over one hundred orange-bellied parrots will fly north from Tasmania for the winter this year after numbers fell to just three adult breeding females in 2017.

May 13, 2020Liam Taylor

Quiet cities providing insights into Australia’s largest owl

At a time when our urban centres are quieter than ever before, researchers are being offered a unique opportunity to listen to the mating calls of the powerful owl and observe their behaviour.

April 28, 2020Liam Taylor

Norfolk Island fledglings a big breakthrough for rare owl species

The first Norfolk Island morepork owl chicks to be discovered in over a decade have survived to become fledglings in a big breakthrough for one of the world’s rarest owls.

April 20, 2020Liam Taylor

Birds make a triumphant return to Menindee Lakes

Rain has started to bring wetlands back to life across the Murry-Darling Basin. For the first time in three years, Menindee Lakes has received significant flows resulting in the return of migratory birds.

April 8, 2020Jennifer McMillan

Seedling sales indicate a return to backyard gardening

The current global experience of COVID-19 and efforts to soften the impact have seen Australians exhibit some strange behaviours in recent times, but one trend may hold positive implications long after the virus has faded.

March 31, 2020Liam Taylor

Bushfire surviving wildlife released back into wild

A group of four koalas and one young joey rescued during the bushfires have been released back into the Blue Mountains following weeks of rehabilitation.

March 31, 2020Liam Taylor

Nature activities for your new work situation

There are so many ways nature can help us through challenging times. Take a virtual hike with Google Maps, get your hands dirty in the garden or get involved in citizen science from your own backyard.

March 27, 2020Jennifer McMillan

Could the underground world of fungi help Australia's ecological recovery?

There’s an underground world we know little about; the weird and wonderful world of fungi. Ecologists are only beginning to learn how fire affects fungi and how they might help in ecosystem recovery following fires.

March 24, 2020Jennifer McMillan

Taking time to talk trees and more

We know that trees provide essential habitat for wildlife and that the beauty of the natural world is underpinned by vegetation. But how many of us stop to consider the vital role that all kinds of plants play in our lives?

March 24, 2020Claire Brandenburger

Unique fluorescent slug survives bushfires

The bright-pink Mount Kaputar slug, found only on the mountain itself, has been spotted by rangers after bushfires ravaged much of its habitat.

February 11, 2020Liam Taylor

Lord Howe woodhens back on track

After requiring the introduction of a captive management program last year, Lord Howe Island’s entire population of endangered woodhens have been successfully reintroduced to the wild.

January 21, 2020Liam Taylor

Arts and crafts coming to the fore in wake of bushfires

Australia’s recent bushfires have left a trail of devastation in their wake, but one of the bright spots to emerge is the compassion of volunteers towards injured wildlife.

January 13, 2020Liam Taylor

The fascinating plant species discovered in 2019

A range of exotic and interesting plant species were discovered in the last year, including some that could potentially have scientific uses.

January 7, 2020Liam Taylor

Australian students dance to end the drought

Thousands of students from more than 600 schools across Australia danced in the face of drought last week to ‘bust the dust’.

December 16, 2019Liam Taylor

The teenage boy saving fish from drought by hand

A 13-year-old boy from the drought-stricken town of Tenterfield in New South Wales’ far north is going above and beyond by saving native fish by hand.

December 10, 2019Liam Taylor

Bringing together traditional owners’ knowledge and modern tech

Software developers have teamed up with Indigenous rangers to create an award-winning app making it easier for those rangers to track threatened species.

December 3, 2019Josh Cole

Trees can save costs and lives in record summer heat

New research has furthered confirmed findings that trees in urban environments help keep the heat down as urban sprawl and climate change make for harsher summers.

November 25, 2019Josh Cole

Protecting and connecting: What can we learn from the indigenous worldview?

After studying from and living with several Aboriginal Elders, Planet Ark intern Serena Rivera-Korver wanted to share the valuable lessons that the Aboriginal worldview can teach us about creating sustainable societies.

November 19, 2019Serena Rivera-Korver

Armidale residents taking wellbeing of local trees into their own hands

With ongoing drought continuing to deplete the region’s threatened water supply, Armidale locals are stepping up to ensure the health of trees in a heritage-listed park.

November 4, 2019Liam Taylor

Plastic-free Sophia tells her secrets to schoolyard sustainability

Are you interested in schoolyard sustainability? We sat down with Sophia to hear about her journey.

November 4, 2019Jennifer McMillan

The Sudbury story: From black to green

A Canadian city that once stood as the physical representation of the negative impact of extractive industries on the environment now embodies what regreening can achieve.

October 1, 2019Liam Taylor

Everyday Enviro with Elise - Home grown

Like many of us, Elise has always dreamed of getting a home garden going without much action. But with spring approaching, that's about to change.

September 23, 2019Elise Catterall

Young and old, to the streets, across the globe

What started with one passionate young activist has become a worldwide movement with millions of students and adults alike across 185 countries joining forces last week to demand stronger action on climate change.

September 23, 2019Liam Taylor

Coastal beavers are helping bring back salmon populations

In north-west Washington, USA, beavers are helping to create a better environment for Chinook salmon and giving them a much better chance of survival.

September 16, 2019Doug Donnellan

Climate activism empowering youth worldwide

The world’s youth is arguably most at risk of the consequences of climate change, but they aren’t taking it lying down

September 16, 2019Kate Diamond

Local knitting group crafts wattle forest in North Sydney CBD

North Sydney’s Brett Whitely Place has been transformed into a forest of knitted wattle trees thanks to the Stanton Yarnachist team.

August 30, 2019Kate Diamond

Paris rooftop to host world’s largest urban farm

The world’s largest urban farm is set to open on a Parisian rooftop in the spring of 2020, establishing itself as a promising model for sustainable production.

August 26, 2019Kate Diamond

Native mammal populations are bouncing back in Australia’s Red Centre

Australia’s Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary, the world's largest fully-fenced wildlife sanctuary, is bringing hope to endangered native animals by protecting them from invasive, feral predators.

August 12, 2019Doug Donnellan

Second ever World Firefly Day helps raise awareness of bioluminescent animals and light pollution

In 2018, Fireflyers International Network decided to raise awareness of declining firefly populations by establishing World Firefly Day. It’s second celebration was held last month.

August 12, 2019Doug Donnellan

Canada expands its biggest private land conservation project

The Darkwoods Conservation Area was already the largest land acquisition for conservation in the country's history, and its just got bigger.

August 5, 2019Doug Donnellan

Ethiopia sets new global tree planting record

Ethiopia has set a new world record for most trees every planted in a single day, planting over 350 million seedlings and young plants in an effort to reverse the effects of deforestation and climate change.

August 5, 2019Kate Diamond

Dispatch from Tree Day - Friends of Lake Claremont

Planet Ark Seedling Bank coordinator Sarah Chaplin went out west for Tree Day this year to meet the Friends of Lake Claremont.

July 30, 2019Sarah Chaplin

Everyday Enviro with Elise - Planting trees for National Tree Day and beyond

Elise talks about the personal positive contributions one can make for nature in terms of planting trees and engaging with the great outdoors.

July 16, 2019Elise Catterall

Ecosystem restoration led by a paper company is improving Sumatra’s biodiversity

An Indonesian paper company is leading the way in ecosystem restoration in the lush rainforests of Sumatra.

July 16, 2019Doug Donnellan

Looking for ways to fight climate change? Plant trees

New research published has identified nearly 1 billion hectares of land on the globe available to be reforested, an area that could ultimately capture two-thirds of human-made carbon emissions.

July 8, 2019Jennifer McMillan

How one couple created a rainforest sanctuary from desolation

In a fantastic example of the power of the individual, or in this case two individuals, a couple has successfully transformed the fortunes of a patch of land that had been completely deforested.

June 25, 2019Liam Taylor

International environmental agency committed to conservation in Australia

One of the most significant wetland ecosystems in the Riverina area of south-western New South Wales will be reserved for conservation in the largest purchase of private land for such purposes in Australia’s history.

June 25, 2019Liam Taylor

A 'dose' of nature to cure your ailments

New research shows there are significant benefits to time spent in nature, even if you are just soaking it up.

June 18, 2019Liam Taylor

Philippine students graduating with a green thumb

The Philippines has put forward a bill that requires all students from elementary school to college to plant trees as a prerequisite to graduate.

June 4, 2019Jennifer McMillan

Planet Ark celebrates 20 years with Toyota Australia for National Tree Day

This year Planet Ark will launch a pilot seedling bank program with the help of National Tree Day sponsor Toyota Australia that aims to give communities around Australia the resources they need to connect with nature and fight the effects of climate change.

June 3, 2019Simone Horder

The volunteers working to protect a very iconic Australian animal

A group of amazing volunteers in New South Wales' Kangaroo valley is working to save some of our land's most vulnerable creatures, orphaned baby wombats.

May 28, 2019Liam Taylor

New campaign to green the globe with millions of trees

A ground-breaking initiative to plant 100 million trees around the world has been launched from the United States to benefit the planet's health and sustainability.

May 28, 2019Liam Taylor

The Bilby returns to NSW National Parks

In a huge win for the iconic Australian marsupial, ecologists from the Australian Wildlife Conservatory have recorded the first Bilby born in a NSW national park in over 100 years.

May 22, 2019Liam Taylor

The revegetation plan to bring back the glossy black cockatoo

A project to plant native vegetation along a stretch of land from the Blue Mountains to the Southern Tablelands is slowly bringing back one of Australia's most iconic birds, the glossy black cockatoo.

May 13, 2019Liam Taylor

The revival pack for tired bees

A British community development worker has invented a 'survival kit' for bees, and the prototype has shown success at reviving wearied insects.

April 29, 2019Liam Taylor

West Papua becomes Indonesia's first conservation province

Late last month the West Papuan government approved legislation that establishes the eastern Indonesian province as the country's first ever conservation province.

April 1, 2019Liam Taylor

Carbon farming may hold key to bush regeneration

An indigenous group is hoping new carbon farming projects might enable them to regenerate drought-ravaged bushland in south-west Queensland.

April 1, 2019Liam Taylor

The world is greener than it was 20 years ago

A NASA study using satellite images has revealed some highly positive news: over the last two decades the Earth has actually seen an increase in green coverage.

March 11, 2019Liam Taylor

Consumers choose Planet Ark as Australia's most ethical and sustainable organisation

Australia's leading Consumer Trends Report focusing on sustainability and health (LOHAS 6) has found that Planet Ark is the brand most reputed to operate in a 'responsible, sustainable, environmentally friendly or ethical manner'.

February 28, 2019Josh Cole

Hawaiian coral reefs showing positive signs following mass bleaching

Almost four years after the worst coral bleaching event ever recorded in Hawaii the state's coral reefs are finally showing signs of growth and stabilisation.

February 19, 2019Liam Taylor

New tree cover bringing back the rain in Cambodia

A community reforestation and environmental regeneration project in Cambodia's mountainous Kulen national park has seen rainfall return to the area after several years of dry conditions.

January 24, 2019Liam Taylor

Tiny bird's big breeding effort saves it from extinction in South Australia

The Mallee emu-wren is back in South Australia following bushfires that were thought to have wiped it out in the state.

December 10, 2018Josh Cole

Pakistan hits billion trees goal ahead of schedule

The nation's massive reforestation project, the Billion Tree Tsunami, has achieved its goal of planting one billion saplings.

November 27, 2018Liam Taylor

International community approaching nature refuge goals

A significant surge in marine protected areas has brought the UN goals for protected natural areas within reach.

November 22, 2018Liam Taylor

Are you a recycling guru?

Do you know what is the biggest mistake that residents make when recycling? What is the benefit of using aluminium coffee capsules? What used material is being recycled and added to road base? Challenge yourself with Planet Ark's Recycle Right Quiz and you could WIN 1 of 10 Biome Plastic Free Kits valued at $82 or 1 of 6 eWood Garden Bed Kits valued at $219!

November 16, 2018Ryan Collins

Serranía de Chiribiquete becomes the world's largest tropical rainforest national park

A Colombian national park with one of the highest rates of biodiversity in the northern Amazon has been enlarged, becoming the world's largest park of its kind.

October 16, 2018Liam Taylor

Winners of the Schools Tree Day competition

This year's Schools Tree Day competition focused on how storytelling can inspire others to get out into nature. We asked teachers, from early learning, primary and high school, to share their students love of nature.

October 11, 2018Jennifer McMillan

The funniest wildlife photos of 2018

When one thinks of wild animals, it's likely the images conjured are of awesome beasts locked in a battle for survival with each other and the natural environment they live in. But what of the more mundane, or even funny, aspects of animal life that we don't see as often?

September 20, 2018Liam Taylor

Tree talk - Tree sisters

Meet Pollyanna Darling; mother, writer, singer and Community Engagement & Strategist at Tree Sisters. As a first-time participant in National Tree Day, Pollyanna took the time to share her Tree Day experience with us.

September 12, 2018Jennifer McMillan

Mountain gorilla numbers on the rise in Virunga

In a hugely positive sign for conservationists, the Virunga National Park gorilla population has grown by 25% since 2010.

September 5, 2018Liam Taylor

Everyday Enviro with Elise - Bringing in the green

In Everyday Enviro this week Elise describes her love of indoor plants and the benefits they bring for a healthy home environment.

August 30, 2018Elise Catterall

Everyday Enviro with Elise - Bringing in the green

In Everyday Enviro this week Elise describes her love of indoor plants and the benefits they bring for a healthy home environment.

August 30, 2018Elise Catterall

Ethiopian community showing potential of revegetation

Despite its challenging political and economic situation, Ethiopia has become home to one of the world's most impressive community revegetation efforts.

August 23, 2018Patrick McCann

Our Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day

The team at Planet Ark would like to thank all the schools, community groups, councils and individuals across the country who joined us over the weekend and got their hands dirty for a better environment!

August 1, 2018Jennifer McMillan

Sydney breathing wall a world first

An outdoor Breathing Wall unveiled as part of a new 'pocket park' in St Leonards is the first of its kind, but hopefully not for long.

July 26, 2018Liam Taylor

Paperbark review: a sleepy wombat and a powerful story

Laura falls in love with a quiet game about a wombat ambling through Australian bushland.

July 19, 2018Laura Chalk

National Tree Day Research 2018: Connect in Nature

Research by Planet Ark looks at Australian attitudes to technology and its role in enhancing time spent in nature

July 13, 2018Jennifer McMillan

Secret Mozambique rainforest piques scientific interest

A super team of scientists recently discovered an undisturbed forest inside an ancient volcano that could provide unique insights into the impact of climate change on rainforests.

July 4, 2018Liam Taylor

War on Waste is back!

ABC's War on Waste, the landmark series that sparked action across the country to cut Australia's staggering waste levels, is returning to TV. In 2017 the program reached 4.3 million viewers across Australia and broke records on social media. Find out what host Craig Reucassel will be tackling in the new series.

June 21, 2018Ryan Collins

Disused and dirty swamp transformed into vibrant wetlands in the heart of suburbia

Once a degraded swampland, the Eric Singleton Bird sanctuary in Perth, sandwiched between busy roads and suburbia on three sides, now provides an oasis for bird life - and the humans who visit.

May 24, 2018Laura Chalk

Threatened koalas receive NSW rescue package

A $45 million intervention package has been announced by the NSW Government to protect the state's vulnerable koalas.

May 24, 2018Laura Chalk

Celebrating 25 years of positive environmental action

With more than 24 million trees planted, 1,245 tonnes of recycled paper sold and 38 million printer cartridges diverted from landfill, Planet Ark is proud to be 25 years young!

April 9, 2018

The bush stone-curlews are back in town

Bush stone-curlews are making a comeback in the ACT due to the success of sanctuary land.

March 28, 2018Jessica Hudson

A year in review - Australian natives made some great comebacks in 2017

2017 was a big year for Australian animals making reappearances, with koalas, frogmouths and now mulgaras popping up in unexpected places.

January 18, 2018Josh Cole

Our green resolutions

There's always more ways to be green. The team at Planet Ark share their environmental goals for 2018 and how we plan to stick to them.

January 11, 2018Marty Middlebrook

Australians celebrate 22 years of National Tree Day

Green thumbs were out in force to help celebrate Planet Ark's 22nd National Tree Day, planting to support the natural environment and enjoying spending time in nature with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

August 1, 2017Carol Warwick

Be inspired by nature with a stunning online photo gallery

View an awe-inspiring journey across one of the world's most majestic natural environments. Planet Ark presents 'It's in Our Nature,' a stunning online photo collection featuring National Tree Day Ambassador and award-winning photographer Steve Parish celebrating Australia's trees and their power to inspire us

July 10, 2017

The three skills kids need most in the age of climate change

A new report from Planet Ark examines how prepared the next generation is to tackle the biggest future challenges facing humanity. Find out what 200 surveyed teachers said were the top skills kids needed for the future.

July 4, 2017Debbie Agnew

National Tree Day is this weekend!

This year Planet Ark celebrates 22 years of National Tree Day by asking, what does nature mean to you?

June 30, 2017Debbie Agnew

An Artist's Creativity, Inspired by Nature

Take a peek into the world of National Tree Day's new ambassador, creative artist, Orly Faya. She chats to us about inspiration, trees and connecting with nature.

June 26, 2017

Dogs Love Trees Photo Competition

National Tree Day and Dr Katrina Warren are giving you a chance to WIN a $250 PAW by Blackmores doggie gift basket. Get outside with your four legged friend and enter our Dogs Love Trees photo competition on Facebook.

June 25, 2017

Schools Tree Day Competition

It's Schools Tree Day competition time. Calling all creative minds! Tell us how nature inspires you? Enter a photo or video to WIN a CANON camera and printer bundle for you centre or school.

June 21, 2017

World Environment Day - a Call to Connect with Nature

The theme of this year's World Environment Day, 'Connecting People to Nature', encourages everyone around the world to step outside and spend some time experiencing the beauty and inestimable value of the Earth we share.

June 2, 2017

Inspiration is in Our Nature

Nature elevates the human spirit. It ignites passion, inspiration, creativity and purpose. And it's the driving force behind why a quarter of a million people participate in National Tree Day each year. There are few places on earth more beautiful and with a more outdoors lifestyle than Australia. Be inspired and become a site coordinator or participant.

April 26, 2017Debbie Agnew

Flower Power Makes a Comeback in California

Spring has sprung in the most unlikely of places as rare 'super bloom' of wildflowers covers Californian deserts.

March 16, 2017Laura Chalk

Into The Wild, A Virtual Adventure to Save Rainforests

A virtual rainforest has taken over the ArtScience museum in Singapore. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rainforest thanks to some amazing technology which highlights the need to fight deforestation in South East Asia.

March 9, 2017

Green is The Colour of Love - For the Planet

Show your special someone and the planet that your heart is green this Valentine's Day. We have some heart-warming ideas we think you'll want to try every day!

February 13, 2017

Manchester's Tree Change: From an Industrial to a Green Revolution

Manchester is leading the way for UK cities with a plan to plant three million trees, taking the city from a past of industrial grey to a future of vibrant green.

February 7, 2017Claire Bell

Finding Time to Spend Time in Nature

A recent walk in the forests of Tasmania brought a welcome reconnection with nature. The subtle change in atmosphere as I entered the cool of the trees, the muffled sounds of my footfalls, breathing in the fresh fragrant oxygen charged air and the feel of cool bark against my warm cheek was enough to fill me completely with peace, calm and utter pleasure.

January 5, 2017

Thanks for helping make 2016 a great year!

Our mission is to help Australians take positive environmental actions, that's only possible thanks to our sponsors and partners

December 19, 2016Brad Gray

Choosing an eco-friendly Christmas tree

For a lot of us, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a tree, so should you fake it or go fresh?

December 15, 2016Debbie Agnew

Get Crafty this Christmas

Before you recycle this Christmas - why not re-use some every day items to make cards, wrapping paper, decorations and even a homemade Christmas tree! Planet Ark staffer Marty and his family give some easy craft tips for you to try at home.

December 1, 2016Marty Middlebrook

5 Photos You Can Take to Help the Environment

You don't need a fancy camera to take a photo and you don't need to be a professional to make an impact. It's the age of the digital image and you can use them to have fun, dob in a dumper or celebrate nature. We've put together 5 ideas for you to use photos to do good, for yourself and for the environment. Find out more ...

September 30, 2016Marty Middlebrook

Our coordinators have done a tree-mendous job!

16 lucky coordinators have just one a Canon Powershot Camera (each valued at approx $300) for their participation in the Tree Day Results Promotion.

September 8, 2016Debbie Agnew

Community Garden Transformation Competition 2016

A huge congratulations to the Community Verge Rejuvenation Projects for winning our Garden makeover competition. We look forward to seeing how the verge transformation brings the native wildlife and locals together.

August 1, 2016Hasmukh Chand

Australians celebrate 21 years of National Tree Day

Green thumbs were out in force to celebrate the 21st year of Planet Ark's National Tree Day today, greening their local environments and enjoying time in nature.

July 31, 2016Sara McGregor

School Garden Transformation Winners 2016

Congratulations to St Peters Public School who are the winners of the School Garden Transformation Competition! We hope that this grant helps the school build the garden that can be enjoyed by the students, teachers and parents for many years.

July 29, 2016Hasmukh Chand

Students grow more with nature

Thousands of students across Australia are taking part in Schools Tree Day today. By connecting with nature, not only are these students helping to create vibrant habitats, they are also sowing the seeds of a lifelong connection with nature.

July 29, 2016Hasmukh Chand

Find A Tree Day Event in Your Area

It's National Tree Day - a fun way to get outdoors and support your local community. Visit the Tree Day website to find an event near you

July 25, 2017Marty Middlebrook

Grow a Green Thumb

If you're not sure about how to get a seedling out of its pot or how deep to dig the hole, these videos are for you! We've put together a few How-To videos starring Ranger Stacey and Costa Georgiadis to help you get ready for the big day.

July 27, 2016Brad Gray

The Birds and the Trees

Providing food and protection for small birds in Brisbane, building a natural walk way and bike path in Melbourne, removing weeds and revegetatiing Lake Claremont in WA and creating an urban oasis in the centre of Sydney are just some of the amazing projects taking place this week for National Tree Day

July 27, 2016Brad Gray

Community Garden Competition

This National Tree Day, Planet Ark and Toyota are giving you the opportunity to win $7,500 worth of garden makeover for your local area. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring a little green oasis which can be enjoyed by your family, friends, neighbours and community.

July 20, 2016Hasmukh Chand

Stressed? Sleep Deprived? Book A 10-Minute Date With Nature

Let's pretend there was a magic potion for improved wellbeing. This potion would reduce your risk of diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and even depression.

July 13, 2016

Adding Trees - A Prescription for Health, Happiness and Fulfilment

Technology is everywhere. Research shows when we give the bleepin' gadgets a break and just add nature, we grow healthier, happier, brighter, calmer and closer. The connections we used to make with our family, friends and neighbours are now increasingly becoming virtual. Planet Ark's latest research has found that 51% of Australians tun to social media as a form of stress management. This is just fuelling our isolation from loved ones.

July 6, 2016Hasmukh Chand

Meet the Tree Day Team - We're Here to Help

All of us at Planet Ark are busy as ever supporting more than 2000 coordinators nationwide who make Tree Day happen. Below are a few faces who have worked for Planet Ark and National Tree day for a number of years. These are the ones who respond to your emails, phone calls and general enquiries about the event.

July 1, 2016Marty Middlebrook

Ten Years of Bringing Value to the Community

National Tree Day is coming up soon, so we spoke to Tony who has been a site coordinator for the past six years at Lane Cove National Park. Find out why Tony is so passionate about National Tree Day and the value it brings to his local community.

June 30, 2016

The Importance of Green Public Spaces

There has been a growing shift towards greening urban spaces as councils recognise the value of trees to people and wildlife. National Tree Day offers a great opportunity for Councils and local community to get together and beautify their local spaces.

June 17, 2016Hasmukh Chand

The benefits of gardening for little people

Little people benefit in big ways from time spent in nature. The benefits of nature to young children are well known. Time to get growing.

June 3, 2016Hasmukh Chand

Inspirational teachers share their story on improving student performance (CPD points)

On the 16th June, Planet Ark and Cool Australia hosted their very popular Grounds for Learning Webinar. Our wonderful panel shared their Schools Tree Day stories. You can hear their inspirational stories below.

May 27, 2016Hasmukh Chand

Grow More With National Tree Day

National Tree Day is a fun, inspiring way to spend time outdoors with family, friends and your local community. Planet Ark and our friends at Toyota are looking for site coordinators for Schools Tree Day on Friday 29th July and National Tree Day on Sunday 31st July to help make it happen.

March 1, 2016

Get Your 2016 Environment Action Planner

Whether you want cartridge recycling box, get in contact with nature or plant a tree - we have a campaign for you

January 28, 2016Rebecca Gredley

Back at work? keep that vacation feeling with some 'Green' time...

Am I still on my summer vacation I hear you ask? No, I'm on my lunch break, spending time in nature. Research confirms the benefits of time spent in natural environments.

January 19, 2016Claire Bell

Give someone a (indoor) tree this Christmas!

Still looking for that perfect last minute gift? We've come up with some indoor plant recommendations which not only look good but also clean the air and bring a little bit of nature into your home.

December 21, 2015Claire Bell

Schools Tree Day 2015 Winners Announced

Just in time for Christmas - the Tree-mendous Nature Craft competition entries are now online. So check them out and get inspired to create something beautiful.

December 6, 2015Marty Middlebrook

2015 Grow Up With Nature Photo Competition Winner Announced

Wollongong family wins the Planet Ark and dirtgirlworld Grow Up with Nature Photo Competition and a $1,000 nature getaway. Check out our competition photo album to see the amazing entries, the winning photo and how Aussie parents are inspiring a love of nature in their children...

September 25, 2015Debbie Agnew

Fun & Easy Gardening Tips For Kids

There's nothing kids love doing more than getting their hands dirty. Whether it's raining or the sun is out, making mud pies or finding wriggly worms in the ground, it always puts a smile on their faces.

August 19, 2015Debbie Agnew

A Rock 'N' Roll Tree Day

Aussie legend Jimmy Barnes is best known for the time he spends on stage belting out classic rock songs. Find out what else he does in his spare time!

July 21, 2015Emily Donnelly

Wise Words From An Eleven-Year-Old

It's often said that kids are our future. Fortunately many of them are thinking creatively about how we can all live more sustainably.

June 24, 2015Emily Donnelly

Planet Ark Ambassadors Honoured

In this week's Australia Day Awards two of Planet Ark's ambassadors - Layne Beachley and Jackie French - have been recognised for their contribution to Australia.

January 28, 2015Brad Gray

The Real Tree Day Stars - Our Site Coordinators

Site coordinators are the heroes of National Tree Day. Organising thousands of events across the country, they bring the event to life and enable communities nationwide to experience the joy of planting and participate in greening up their local environment. But it's not all giving - there's a lot to be gained from being one of these superstars. We stopped by to chat to Wendy May from the Noosa & District Landcare Group, who tells of her experience - and why you should become one this year, too. Find out more...

June 23, 2014