Native seedling © Planet Ark

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  • National Tree Day Radio CSA 2017 ( 8.29MB wav file)
    This is the 2017 National Tree Day CSA as sent to radio stations. Runtime: 30 seconds.
  • Guy Sebastian - Communities All Across Australia Are Getting Their Hands Dirty ( 1.51MB wav file)
    Local Communities all across Australia are getting their hands dirty this weekend. Visit TreeDay.PlanetArk.Org to find a planting site or just plant in your own backyard.
  • Guy Sebastian - 20 second grab ( 1.83MB wav file)
    There's a whole bunch of students getting involved in Schools Tree Day and the general public can get involved as well. Visit TreeDay.PlanetArk.Org for more details.
  • Guy Sebastian - 2700 students getting involved ( 1.61MB wav file)
    Students from nearly 2700 schools across Australia are celebrating Schools Tree Day this Friday. Visit TreeDay.PlanetArk.Org for details.
  • Dr Andrew Fuller - News Grab 4 ( 1.46MB wav file)
    Young people's brains grow quickly when they are challenged to be curious and creative, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to involve them in projects that make a positive contributions, like National Tree Day.
  • Dr Andrew Fuller - News Grab 3 ( 1.09MB wav file)
    The research tells us that even just spending 10 min a day in natural environments lowers your blood pressure and increases your health benefits.
  • Dr Andrew Fuller - News Grab 2 ( 1.56MB wav file)
    Being good out nature is good for our brains also good for our bodies. Lowers our heart rate and levels of stress.
  • Dr Andrew Fuller - News Grab 1 ( 1.82MB wav file)
    Over half of Australians say that they visit social media sites as a way to manage their stress, yet if it's not well-managed, this behaviour can increase feelings of stress, fear of missing out, depression and social isolation. So we need to have a number of ways of managing stress.
  • Tonia Gray News Grab 1 ( 1.72MB wav file)
    We spent so much time indoors because we're tethered to screens so that sedentary and solitary activity we're engaged in isn't of benefit to our health and wellbeing.
  • Tonia Gray News Grab 2 ( 3.00MB wav file)
    Kids need nature for their optimal growth and development. In nature children can explore and climb trees to help their motor skills and cognitive ability.