Information for local councils

As "Australia's largest nature care event," Tree Day continues to maximise everyone's involvement in growing the local green canopy. Running or supporting a Tree Day planting will cool and beautify neighbourhoods, bring nature to communities, and have environmental benefits for years to come.

Showcase and improve a local park, garden, sports field, bushland, foreshore or catchment area.

Find out how your council could make the best of National Tree Day by calling 1300 88 5000.

Empower your local community and officially register to take part in National Tree Day by:

  • Organising or supporting community planting events on public land at a local park, garden, school, reserve, sports field, bushland, foreshore, catchment area and/or community garden
  • Providing free seedlings and resources to groups, schools, residents and private landholders
  • Involving council libraries in running educational tree themed reading programs for young children, as well as eco-craft activities during the school holidays and month of July
  • Permitting and supporting residents to grow and care for appropriate trees and gardens on their verge, nature-strip, sidewalk and street. Presently 56 councils allow verge planting of some kind and provide guidelines and information for residents. We’d like to grow this number and have councils review their policy and trial street planting and stewardship initiatives the month of July as part of National Tree Day.

Planet Ark can help promote your planting event as well as your sustainable streets/nature strip program, seedling giveaways, community gardens, or garden workshops.
Your activity doesn't even have to be on Tree Day - it can be any time of year. 


Council Success Stories:

"I have the privilege of planting this magnificent brushbox for Tree Day, as a symbol of the City's commitment to greening Sydney and to our association with Planet Ark. There are over 30,000 street trees and 12,000 park trees in the public domain of our City, and we are working hard to increase the urban canopy by 50 per cent by 2030." - Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney

"This year's local event had an unprecedented attendance which more than doubled last year's turnout." - Mandurah Mayor Paddi Creevey, 2012

More Council Tree Day success stories

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